Thursday, January 31, 2008



Installing php for the first time may seem like a very difficult task for a beginner,which is a very normal situation.
Because,you would have to install so many softwares on your server to be able to perform well with PHP.

Firstly,you will need to install PHP interpreter itself,this is what reads the PHP scripts and processes them and then provides results.

Secondly,you will need to download a webserver to work with php,this is used to interact and process users request.There are various types which i have metioned above.But the most used is the Apache server.After this you will need to set the PHP configuration file to work with the webserver correctly.

Now,lastly,you need a database for PHP to work with,this is where data from users forms,users information are kept and can be sorted for if need arises.For this tutorial we will be using MYSQL.

Basically,a complete beginner can install this packages easily with a third party software like WAMP or XAMPP.
This packages contain all software required to keep start your journey with php,you do not have to worry about the configuration aspect because it will be handled by the all-in-one package.The good thing is that this packages are FREE! and the bad news dont have full control over your system,but as a beginner,who can download it here Install WAMP or Install XAMPP.


-I assume you have downloaded and have PHP and its server and database working.
to findout,
open your favorite editor,for windows open the notepad and type or copy this in there.





Save it as info.php to your web-server document and open your browser and navigate it to where you saved it.For wamp,you will find it in the dafault folder www.If all settings where done right,you should have a long list of information about our friend php.This means php is set for work.


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