Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Welcome to Toxicscripts.As this is the first post of this New blog about programming both web and desktop,i will like to introduce myself.My name is kennedy Idialu and am from Nigeria,for more info about me,you can check the profile.Ok my main reason for starting a blog like this is that i have seen the power of programmin and to be precised,i love web programming.

Although,i am a newbie(NEW BEGINNER),who wants to learn.I put this on air because i wanted my own community of both skilled and new programmers so that i can ask qestions and larn freely from everyone and also do stuffs with people.

Now,what i plan to do here,is to bring everyone here to learn,teach and give out usefull what we will be ding here is basically SUBMISSION of scripts,TUTORIALS any language,Free DOWNLOAD of scripts,ASSIGNMENT PROJECTS and many more.

You can see with the above statements that this place is a place for learnng nd giving so feel free to pop in here and submit something or learn something.We may not have anything to give but we will make sure you are tagged in our HONOURS list with your wensite and othe info.

You can send in tutorials and complete scripts in here mailing me at and then i will paste it in here and we will learn and talk about it together using our every own comments section.

We do not have a registration section here but we you can become one of our members by sending me a mail or by stating it in any comment section,but this is not compulsory.

Ok!All said and done let us begin

(if you like my opening speech,encourage me with your comments)


mike said...

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